Increasing your odds of recovering damages after a car collision

After Pennsylvania residents are seriously hurt in a car accident, their focus is often on regaining their health to the extent possible, and rightly so. But the operations, medications, therapy, rehabilitation and other medical treatment that may be necessary costs a great deal of money. These high costs are on top of the other significant expenses faced by the person in the aftermath of an injury, such as lost wages from not being able to work.

As a result of these significant expenses, it is important to hold those who caused the car collision responsible. As discussed recently in this blog, a key question in personal liability actions is who can all be held responsible, as the more people who are liable for the crash, the better may be the chances of recovering damages.

Accordingly, if others can be held liable, such as an employer of the employee who caused the crash, or some other negligent party, it makes sense to include these individuals or entities in the lawsuit. A full accident investigation will help flesh out who was all involved in the incident and who might be held liable.

Our firm works closely with our clients to investigate the case and determine who may be held liable. After discovering whether others may be held liable, we vigorously pursue each case on behalf of our clients. In doing so, we maximize our clients’ potential to obtain a full award of damages to compensate them for all the losses they have suffered. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our webpage on car accidents.