Semi-truck causes multi-vehicle accident

Semi-trucks and other similar commercial trucks, are held to higher safety standards than are passenger vehicles. This is because their size and weight are so much vaster than the average vehicle, and thus, semi-trucks can do much more damage when involved in a truck accident. Such a truck accident, between a semi-truck and multiple passenger vehicles, was reported earlier this week. 8 people were sent to the hospital after a semi-truck caused a chain reaction with multiple vehicles.

According to Pennsylvania police, the semi-truck was traveling south on Route 130 when the driver failed to stop to a line of stopped traffic ahead of him on the road. The truck then collided with a 2016 Honda and a dump truck that then created a chain reaction of accidents that totaled 7 vehicles in all. Eight people were taken to the hospital for medical attention, luckily, no-one was killed in the crash. The driver of the semi-truck has been issued a summons for reckless driving by police due to his involvement in the multi-vehicle accident.

When truck accidents occur, there can be many reasons behind the crash that do not always meet the eye. In this particular instance, it appears fairly obvious that the truck driver’s carelessness was likely the biggest contributing factor in the crash. A full investigation will determine if this is so. There can be many other potentially liable parties found for truck accident injuries, besides the truck driver himself.

As more details are released, pending the accident investigation, the families and those involved in the truck accident are likely seeking answers. Truck accident injury can affect those involved for years to come. Injuries sustained in a track accident should be taken seriously and medical attention should be sought immediately. Semi-truck drivers are usually very careful, but in this instance it appears a truck driver’s negligence was the driving factor behind the crash.

Source:, “Semi-truck causes chain of accidents, sends 8 to hospital, police say,” Caitlyn Stulpin, December 21, 2016