Understanding the profound impact of brain injuries

On an ordinary drive to school, work or the store, on an ordinary day, Pennsylvania residents can experience profound life-changing events. An unexpected and sudden car crash can cause serious injuries that impact the person for the rest of their life.

As discussed last week in this blog, it is not always easy to tell these profound changes from the moment of the crash. For instance, when a person suffers a head injury, the symptoms might be difficult to detect or to tie to brain trauma. Headaches, soreness or other symptoms can linger on for days and weeks, until it becomes apparent something more serious has happened.

In other cases, it may be immediately known that a serious brain injury has occurred. Treating physicians may be able to diagnose the injury and provide a good glimpse into the treatment and long-term care that might be required as a result of the injury.

Our firm has worked with a number of different brain injuries of different severity and from different causes. We understand the profound impact these brain injuries have on our clients, including the effect the injury has on basic daily activities, the ability to continue working and the extensive treatment and medical care that may be needed.

With these profound impacts in mind, we can formulate a plan to hold those responsible who caused the injury. This accountability means working to hold the negligent party legally liable and working to obtain an award of damages to compensate our clients. For more information on our firm, please visit our brain injuries webpage.