Potential causes behind aviation accidents, injuries

For many Pennsylvanians, fear of flying is a genuine fear. It is the loss of control, the fear of heights and the slight possibility that something could go terribly wrong that scare people the most. For some, this fear becomes a reality. We do not want to add fuel to the fire, but the truth is that plane crashes can occur.

Some of these causes behind plane crashes are due to instances that could have been prevented and are otherwise negligent. Both major carrier (commercial airlines) and general aviation (private aircraft) can fall victim to errors that can cause injury or even death.

Pilot error is a real possibility after an aviation accident. Plane crashes can also be due to faulty equipment, design issues or violations with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

All plane crashes are investigated by a federal agency that regulates the air traffic industry. These investigations can bring forward clues as to why the plane crash occurred and thus a case against a negligent party can be built.

Negligence can be determined and proved if a party did something, or failed to do something that directly or indirectly caused the plane crash that resulted in injury or death. Aircraft are held to a higher standard than other industries, such as motor vehicles since there is such a high-risk of injury due to preventable error.

Most traveling by air will never experience the horrors of a plane crash or other type of aviation accident. However, when someone does, it can be life altering. The findings from the FAA’s investigation after a plane crash can be a great place to start to determine the cause or causes behind a plane’s failure to travel safely. Take those findings to continue the search for a party’s fault and the damages they potentially owe.

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