Four killed, one injured in tragic airplane crash

Airplanes, both large and small, are a very safe mode of travel and transport in Pennsylvania. Highly trained pilots routinely carry passengers throughout the Keystone State and to points beyond without incident. Unfortunately, though, injurious and even deadly plane accidents do happen, and their relative rarity is no consolation to those whose lives have been forever changed by them.

A tragic airplane accident on the west coast is reaping this havoc as it claimed the lives of four people and injured one additional person. According to officials, the Cessna 310 aircraft encountered problems in a residential area soon after takeoff on February 27. The plane clipped one house and crashed into a second house. Three people were killed at the scene of the crash, and a fourth died in the hospital about a week later. Another person suffered severe burns in the wreck and has undergone multiple operations. Fortunately, no one on the ground was injured.

The Cessna 310 was first flown in the early 1950s, and its production was stopped in 1980. For older aircraft such as this, it is imperative that owners and operators keep on top of maintenance and allow no critical systems to be neglected or become unreliable. A failure to do this will not only put owners and operators at risk of adverse action from the federal government, it will potentially make them liable parties in a lawsuit if an aviation accident happens.

Broken and lost limbs, severe burns, and severe psychological trauma are merely some of the injuries that could be suffered in a plane crash. Victims or their loved ones should remember that they may have legal options in the aftermath of an aviation accident, and should consult with a legal professional if they find it appropriate.

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