We represent victims of brain injury in Pittsburgh

The human brain is literally the nerve center of our bodies. It controls everything we think and everything we do. Unfortunately, like all other bodily organs, the brain is susceptible to injury. Car accidents, and work injuries can cause a brain injury, taking a victim by total surprise. If responsibility for such an injury can be attributed to the negligence of another, then the victim may be able to recover compensation for his or her injury.

Last week we talked about comas, what they are and what might cause one. Coma is simply one possible negative outcome of a brain injury. Other times, a victim may not lose consciousness at all or may lose consciousness only briefly. Injury to the brain could still happen, though, often as the result of a loss of oxygen to the brain, swelling of the brain, or both. Additionally, injured people may suffer a brain lesion near the site of a blunt-force head injury. They also might suffer a contrecoup lesion on the opposite side of the brain.

The Pittsburgh lawyers of Gismondi & Associates represent clients living with the consequences of a brain injury. We have three decades of experience representing brain injury victims, and we have a great track record of helping our clients recover damages from those who have caused hem harm. Although we can’t undo the damage wrought by a brain injury, we fight on our clients’ behalf with the goal of recovering compensation for the full extent of their harm.

We are interested in meeting with potential clients to discuss whether legal representation might be helpful and, if so, how to proceed. We are available to talk to potential clients in a free consultation. For more information about us and to see how we have helped our clients, check out the brain injury page on our website.