Head-on accident leads to two deaths

An early morning head-on accident on April 6 on Route 28 led to the death of two drivers and crippled traffic for the start of the commute day for many others. The accident occurred when a 24-year-old driver of a Kia from Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, travelled outbound on the inbound lanes, colliding with another 24-year-old driver in a Honda from Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Both victims were taken to a local hospital in critical condition, but died later that morning. The driver of the Honda was reportedly attempting to beat the early morning rush to catch a flight home to see her family.

It is not uncommon for head-on collisions to result in serious or catastrophic injuries, or even fatalities, as we learned following this tragic accident. A spokesperson for PennDOT wants to analyze the area to see if measures can be taken to avoid future accidents. He questioned whether perhaps one of the drivers got confused or missed three signs warning that they were travelling the wrong way. “We want to get to the bottom of it,” he said.

While authorities plan to do a thorough investigation of the accident and the section to see whether anything can be done to prevent accidents in the future, it does not help the family members of the accident victims. Family members of victims in fatal accidents may be entitled to compensation for their loss, including pain and suffering and potentially future lost wages, depending on circumstances and the relationship between the family and the victim.

Source: WPXI, “Two people killed in wrong-way crash on Route 28,” April 6, 2017