Pennsylvania residents injured by negligent drivers take action

In a previous post here we discussed how distracted driving is becoming more prevalent across Pennsylvania. Primarily, motorists are engaging their mobile devices more frequently while behind the wheel, whether that means texting and driving, checking email or perusing social media. Yet, there are a number of other ways in which drivers can be distracted. They may be eating while driving, engaging in an in-depth or perhaps heated discussion with a passenger or they may be looking for something in their glovebox or floorboard.

Regardless of how drivers are distracted, their actions can lead to devastating car crashes that leave unsuspecting victims with serious injuries. Victims may suffer physical and emotional pain and suffering, and their medical expenses and lost wages due to missed work can take a financial toll. When these damages were caused by a negligent driver, then it may be appropriate to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

At our law firm, we do our best to diligently work with our clients to push their cases through the court system so that a quick and fair resolution is reached. We gather evidence, question witnesses and discuss the matter with our clients to ensure that they can make the legal decisions that they feel are right for them.

In addition to fighting to impose liability, we also aggressively pursue the full extent of damages suffered. Whether this means negotiating a settlement on behalf of our clients, or litigating the matter in front of a jury, we attempt to do everything we can to make sure our clients’ voices are heard.