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Victims of distracted driving are protected by the legal process

Distracted driving is an increasingly common problem. Increases in cell phone use, texting while driving and other types of distracted driving lead to car accidents that can result in significant injuries and harm to victims. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reports that 11 percent of car accidents were caused by distracted driving. In addition, distracted driving-related car accidents led to 300 fatalities in Pennsylvania.

The cost of living with a spinal cord injury

The injuries a person can suffer in a car wreck can vary in severity. For instance, in a minor fender-bender an individual may escape with no injuries whatsoever. However, in a high-speed rear-end collision a driver may suffer from whiplash or broken bones. In the worst cases, outside of fatal accidents, victims suffer serious spinal cord injuries or a traumatic brain injury. Recovering from these injuries can be physically challenging, and in some cases a full recovery is impossible. As if this isn't enough to dishearten a severely injured individual, the truth of the matter is that these victims also face devastating financial losses as well.

Pennsylvania residents injured by negligent drivers take action

In a previous post here we discussed how distracted driving is becoming more prevalent across Pennsylvania. Primarily, motorists are engaging their mobile devices more frequently while behind the wheel, whether that means texting and driving, checking email or perusing social media. Yet, there are a number of other ways in which drivers can be distracted. They may be eating while driving, engaging in an in-depth or perhaps heated discussion with a passenger or they may be looking for something in their glovebox or floorboard.

Head-on accident leads to two deaths

An early morning head-on accident on April 6 on Route 28 led to the death of two drivers and crippled traffic for the start of the commute day for many others. The accident occurred when a 24-year-old driver of a Kia from Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, travelled outbound on the inbound lanes, colliding with another 24-year-old driver in a Honda from Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Using a police report in the aftermath of a car accident

When Pittsburgh residents are involved in a serious car accident that causes injuries, they can often feel like things are spinning out of control quickly. The scene may be chaotic, with emergency personnel on the scene to treat all parties who have suffered injuries and tow trucks present to haul away the damaged vehicles. Medical treatment is the first priority, but anyone who suffered an injury in the accident will want to make sure that they are taking certain steps to ensure that they will be able to seek compensation from the party that was responsible for the accident.

What steps should I take immediately following PA car accident?

When getting behind the wheel of a motor-vehicle, it is a reality of life that everything may not go according to plan. It is possible that one could be involved in a motor-vehicle accident in which they themselves or their passengers are injured. While the possibility of this happening is slim, the outcome is potentially serious. For this reason, it is great to be aware of the next steps to take after a PA car accident.

Texting could be to blame for PA car accident

We have all heard the horror stories about texting and driving on Pennsylvania roads. But, the reality is, although most people know the dangers, people are still texting and driving behind the wheel. Many drivers have made the responsible decision to put the phone down, while behind the wheel, but some are not heeding the dangers so abruptly. Texting and driving is a distracted driving behavior that can easily result in car accident injuries.

Even accidents due to uninsured motorists can be compensable

Most drivers are responsible and would never think about letting their car insurance lapse, let alone get behind the wheel an uninsured driver. However, it's true that there are several uninsured drivers on Pittsburgh roads today. When an uninsured motorist is involved in a car accident, others involved in the accident may not find out until trading information or even later. When a driver is uninsured it can change the way the personal injury suit is handled, but an injured party can still potentially collect for their loss.

Is fault easy to prove in certain types of car accidents?

When Pittsburgh residents get behind the wheel, as they often do on a daily basis, they never think that they will be the one involved in a horrific car accident. The reality is that car accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Innocent drivers and passengers are involved in serious car accidents that can have a number of resulting injuries. An accident investigation is a great place to start if you believe you or a loved one has been unjustly injured in a car accident.

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